1. “I’m not wearing anything under this robe…”

  2. Ladies, those tattoos you got when you were 20 look totally awesome when you are 40+ and trying to dress classy for a dinner party.

  3. Weekend at F. Murray Abraham’s

  4. “mmm…you smell like peanut curry…”

  5. Smapdi

    “Yes, Sarita, let us adjourn to your chambers, and I’ll show you what the F in F. Murray Abraham is aaallll about.”

  6. Guest

    She used to be aight. Now she’s beat. Actually kind of interesting- indian women usually age pretty well…

  7. cc

    They let him out of the hospice for the evening.

  8. “I like your hair because I have so little of my own.”

  9. Jesus, is EVERYBODY fucking Saul’s wife?

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