1. That’s an awkward pose, but I would bang her nonetheless.

  2. And this is how Tom made me pee!

  3. Joe Blow

    And so I was nude see, and I bent over like this, see, and then…. nothing. Tom didn’t pop wood at all…. it was sad really.

  4. whatsmyface

    Nice dress, Paula. Laundry day?

  5. “Ghost protocol? For me it means airing out my gooch.”

  6. farting old man's wife

    Cute dress but she needs to close her legs!!

  7. Looks like she’s about to flash everyone

  8. celebsloveme

    Jazz hands!

  9. “OK, Paula. So far, so good. Now squat so everyone can see up your dress…”

  10. If she learned one thing from Tom, it was jazz hands.

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