1. Frank Burns

    Damn I’d love to jump in between those two.

  2. bdog821

    Who knew homeless people could make fashion statements????

  3. shonzie

    Drifting off to daydream bonerland. “dear Penthouse Forum, so I was walking through a parking lot, and you’ll never believe who I spotted….. “

  4. whatsmyface

    “So, come with me behind this dumpster over here and I’ll show you my pussy! I mean, you DO want to be my friend, right?”

  5. “Let us harken unto West Hollywood to become beards! What say ye, sister?”

  6. cc

    Oh look, it’s ‘Has’ and ‘Been’ out for a stroll.

  7. Venom

    Beginning of a good nice old fashioned threesome.

  8. OK, you have money. Spend $75.00 on a pair of pants.

  9. I thought groupies were a thing of the past.

  10. skunk

    i see better looking chicks at the mall

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