1. Leather Balls

    Why so much make up ass chin?

  2. Beer Baron

    Bruce Campbell is jealous of this Chin Butt.

  3. just here for the laughs

    Her eyes look like something crawled on them and died.

  4. bigalkie

    Going down to Tranny Town

  5. Why did they select this no talent ass chin to be a judge on the show ?

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    At least the awful tattoos are covered up

  7. I have this urge to insert my debit card into her chin and then remove it quickly.

  8. Vlad


  9. What the fuck is up with her eyes? Is she related to Daniela Ruah? And as a side note, didn’t she used to be kinda cute?

  10. She will cut a bitch.

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