1. I didn’t know sourpuss was contagious.

  2. joe

    No, dear it’s not too much lime in your water. It’s strychnine. I hate you.

  3. jorge

    true love

  4. To the untrained eye, this man is suffering from the effects of poison…
    However, he’s just French…

  5. Ralphy May Cahill

    Which one of these dudes is the gay?

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s never wise to leave your drink unattended around an Olsen twin.

  7. JPC

    Who’s Nick, and what kind of game is he playing?

  8. Animal

    Proof that lime juice doesn’t enhance the taste of Olsen piss.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    She has a walking Dorian Gray pic.

  10. Leather Balls

    Are you sure thats not Tom Hanks?

  11. Mary Feeney

    Tom Hanks looks weird in this photo.

  12. Looking at this is bad enough, but can you imagine being the guy in plaid having to listen to: ” ‘ow do my burp smell, Mare-ee? ehn hehn hehn” for two hours straight?

  13. OLIVER: “I TOLD you we should have brought a blanket! It’s not a proper “Dutch Oven” without a blanket!”

  14. just here for the laughs

    ACK! She’s turning him into the Joker!

  15. Deacon Jones

    “Um, are you, are you enjoying that drink?”

    ‘Nah. Needs garlic.”

  16. El Jefe

    Someone has serious daddy issues.

  17. Sardonic

    Two people who have zero interest in basketball. Even the alcohol and sunglasses cannot mask their discomfort.

  18. The Winchester

    When did Walter Matthau start dating Scooter from the Muppets?

  19. Bigalkie

    Bridget Bardot is looking spry!

  20. Patch

    Mandy Patinkin suddenly realizes that too many gin & tonics made him mistake an Olsen twin for Claire Danes

  21. Hey, babycakes, watch me do a drunk Tom Hanks doing Billy Idol.

  22. Juch

    Why do celebrities go to games when they clearly have no interest in or knowledge of the sport?!?

  23. Toe Jam

    Drink Keystone Light.

  24. TS

    I imagine that Photo Boy typed “Nicks”, and then screamed like a girl, threw up his hands, and yelled at Fish for making him write about sports. It’s Knicks, honey.

  25. “My word this tastes OLD. Darling remind me to ask for something a bit newer. Like say a 1986 vintage pale ale.”

  26. Heath Ledger made the exact same face with her before he died….”drink up honey”

  27. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Ven I asked zem vor a 12 yeer old, I thought zey vood get me a girl”

  28. Whew, I thought Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were filming yet another shitty RomCom.

  29. Ledger’s credit for his take on the Joker just lost all its credibility. It apparently just boils down to “Olson proximity”.

  30. mando

    Her next victim

  31. joesixpack

    He’s doin that MyKayla Maroney thing.

  32. Fishballs

    “Are you enjoying your Ledger and Lime darling?”

  33. I’d say he was too old for her, being almost twice her age and all but she looks like an old bridge troll.

  34. n10sive

    I like my women like I like my Gin…neat, a bit shaken, but not yet stirred.

  35. Pepper's Pot

    Why is she wearing sunglasses at a closed arena?

  36. You’re supposed to aim the one-cheeker away from her. That’s just manners, Francois.

  37. Allison Wunderlan

    Rita Wilson’s looking good these days.

  38. I wish I could bitch slap the stupid out of that whore.

  39. Qmak

    “Your oversized glasses block both light and smell…allow me to demonstrate…”

  40. Next.....

    Gross man and gross fur coat. They are both just gross and deserve each other.

  41. Johnny99

    Now I’m confused. Is he starting to look like her, or is she starting to look like him?

  42. Mike701

    No. Steel tazte liek fishee poozy.

  43. Vlad

    Sarkozy goes full Dangerfield: Geez, no matter how much I drink, she still looks ugly!

  44. For a second I thought this was a scene from Beauty and the Beast,” but then I realized she’s not that attractive.

  45. anonymous

    He drinks until he starts seeing double that way it’s like he is banging both twins.

  46. Does Peter Bishop know that Water and Olivia snuck out to see a Knicks game?

  47. Next time… on Fringe.

  48. I can totally see what she sees in him. That dude is raw sex appeal.

  49. mnsuperbee

    Take a note from Heath. Stop drinking it.

  50. ElBurrito

    When she tires of his sweaty, gray, wild bushy jungle nuts she will dump him, or he will when he tires of her skinny ashtray mouth.

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