1. BB

    REALLY would.

  2. Ralphy May Cahill

    Holy mother of God! Me want!

  3. Abner

    Why do all British chicks carry urine samples around with them like that?

  4. Leather Balls

    I would definitely be the romantic and throw it in her.

  5. Beer Baron

    Nasty stripper leg tattoos.

  6. The Most Interesting

    Damn sexy *and* smart!

    *Always* carry your cocktail into line…

  7. Animal

    Much sexier than any other Jessica or Jane I can think of.

  8. bigalkie

    Wow.. She went light on the clowns tits and looks exceptional for London. Great legs.

  9. Stupid

    Stupid ass tattoos.

  10. I thinks she’s hot until I get to the trashy tattoos.

  11. Well, I guess I can figure out what The Double is all about. *buys a ticket*

  12. From the photo the premiere of “The Double” is either being shown in a shitty art house or some sixteen year old’s keg party while his parents are out of town.

  13. If she tattoos, she screws.

  14. Grafikman

    What is she doing in Cindy Lou Who’s living room?

  15. She’s fucking hot. Leg tattoos be damned.

  16. Really guys? She looks like your average club girl/bartender. Nothing spectacular.

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