1. jorge

    if you’re a good doggy i’ll take my finger out of your ass

  2. BB

    You’re staring into the wrong end you fucking untalented fool

  3. Tell me your secrets little one…
    I can kill you at this distance…

  4. Animal

    I’m pretty liberal, but this display of bestiality crosses a line.

  5. just here for the laughs

    “Oh I could just eat you up! No really, I could!”

  6. ThisWillHurt


  7. bigalkie

    Don’t lie to me you little bastard. I’ve got trans species gaydar!

  8. Stay calm and assertive while I stick my finger in your ass.

  9. We TOLD you this was where gay marriage would lead!

  10. Fishballs

    “Whisper, whisper, whisper…”

  11. oldfool

    “Listen, ya little Shit, I AM PACK LEADER!”

  12. “Please…Don’t make me lick peanut butter off your balls!”

  13. Throb the Wonder Mule

    I hope he is actually doing fine.

    LOVE his show.

  14. “Come to papa, little one. You are so cute and furry. Just wait till I get you home and I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

  15. contusion

    Roy seems to be doing much better.

  16. As funny as the comments are, I love Cesar. He’s a good guy.

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