1. jorge

    hey babe take a walk on the wild side

  2. Skeletor cleans up good for the holidays.

  3. catapostrophe

    Leann is only wearing this because Brandi recently wore something similar but looked enormous in it.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Between this and the Matthew McConaghey pics, I imagine the tickets for this movie will come with a syringe.

  5. Well at least we know what Terry Richardson is currently using to masturbate…

  6. B&WMinstrel

    You’re a Crack Whore, Charlie Brown

  7. Leather Balls

    Madonna needs to stop. She’s 100 years old and looks it.

  8. Jentilly

    Courtney Love is looking good

  9. nik

    I thought this was the redhead from sex and the city.

  10. Willem Dafoe just shat himself.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    “Imma pick that shit up!” – Eddie Murphy

  12. bigalkie

    Just when you thought that it was impossible to hate this guy more.. He finds a way. That’s Incredible.

  13. David Arquette got out just before Courtney went off the rails!

  14. Regular Tuesday.

  15. Little Tongue

    Did it dress like that on purpose?

  16. Fishballs

    Teri Hatcher has really let herself go since they cancelled Desperate Housewives.

  17. Just another day at the office.

  18. Somebody get that coat some acorns

  19. What surprises me most about this picture is how not surprised I am by it.

  20. “So Jared, what are you doing now?.”
    “I’m a transgender whore who does lots of drugs and has rough gay sex for money.”
    “Sounds like one hell of a movie.”
    “What movie?”

  21. Mike701

    On the set of? Let’s not pretend.

  22. You’d think he’d at least get a decent hairdo.

  23. Mama Pinkus

    he is going way too far – aren’t the people who insure him concerned?

  24. I’m never using this escort service again.

  25. Leto sort of looks like Maria Shriver who sort of looks like Bruce Jenner … is this evolutionary convergence, or is there some kind of useless person union rule that I don’t know about?

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