1. Beer Baron

    Just gross.

  2. Leather Balls

    Her fat face looks like its about to eat the rest of her.

  3. Her want Snu Snu.

  4. The Pope

    If Peg Bundy and Yokozuna mated…

  5. Her cheeks look like they’re about to suffocate her eyeballs. Maybe her whole body will turn on her and eat itself. Natural selection?

  6. “This Khardashian is my kind of scum: fearless and inventive.”

  7. lawn

    Since when do farm animals attend press conferences?


  9. bigalkie

    Gross Pig.. That’s all I got.

  10. karlito

    put Selma Blair’s chest on her forehead and now you have a Klingon.

  11. The X Factor presents: Messin’ with the Sasquatch.

  12. You go now! You be here FOUR HOURS! You so fat!?!? Why you no eat your vegetables!?!?!?

  13. So that’s why the Calabasas Walmart was out of spray tan this weekend.

  14. PETA is going to be pissed when they find out Sasquatch killed a fake leopard to make her jacket.

  15. A face like a stop sign.

  16. Considering this woman’s identity and the gene pool from which she was ejected, I think she looks pretty damn good here.

  17. no amount of make up is going to fix that face and expression!

  18. Beer Baron

    Delta Burke looks great.

  19. contusion

    Goddammit. It’s like watching one of those sweet videos and then the monster is right in your face and scares the shit out of you. Knock it off.

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