1. Somebody is growing up NICELY!

  2. George P Burdell

    Little Miss Fripple

  3. Damn! When did she get so hot? More of her please.

  4. Not legal until next April……..

  5. JimBB

    I still say she was hotter in Little Miss Sunshine.

  6. The look on her face says, “Yes, I know you aren’t looking at my face and I’m good with that.”

  7. I will have a comment about this photo in six months

  8. mt

    The kid from the Sixth Sense grew up to look like a Hobbit.
    Abigail has grown up to look like a Victoria Secret Model…
    Damn she’s hot, and she knows it….

  9. My, how she has grown.

  10. Nice! She’s been drinking her hormone-laced milk on a regular basis!

  11. Still not legal, folks.

  12. I’m just going to go ahead and have a seat over there…

  13. dennis

    Miley can pretty much suck it.

    This girl is 1000x hotter standing around doing nothing in a full dress than Miley is with her titties and vag out rubbing her asshole against Santa.

  14. Oh. I wasn’t getting why all the hype. Silly me.

  15. Mchael

    Next year’s the year. The big 1-8. Get the lube out ready.

  16. “Too damn old.” R. Kelly

  17. If I had dressed like this at 17, my mom would have murdered the shit out of me, despite the fact that I moved out when I was 16.

  18. Being more than twice her age makes me sad. And a little creepy.

  19. Phoenix

    I absolutely approve.

  20. Swearin

    Ironically, her character is a blossoming teenage girl who gets creeped on by a much older man

  21. “You know, just for fun… you should re-enact that dance scene of yours from Little Miss Sunshine. I really think people would get a hoot out of it.” Every late night talk show producer.

  22. She has giant, juicy titties, and therefore has value

  23. “Oh, Abigail Breslin? The cute little kid who was in Little Miss Sunshi-JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST!!!”

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