1. It’s like he’s in a competition with himself to keep out-douching himself.
    Bravo, sir.

  2. Odbarc

    Fur is about as much murder as ‘I was drunk’ is to rape.

  3. john mayer, animal slayer,
    used to be a player, now he can’t be gayer.

    • Joe Blow

      Bystander: “Do you know an animal was killed to make that coat?”

      Mayer: “Yeah, but I didn’t know there were any witnesses… so now I’ll have to kill you, too.”

  4. Is that the roadkill he hit on his way there?

  5. JimBB

    You have to admire a guy who can make his own coat entirely out of conquered muff.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “Not to drop names, but the guys from ‘Duck Dynasty’ made this for me. That’s how cool I am.”

  7. His raccoon coat is a wonderland.

  8. Son of Flubber

    Hey PETA, where’s the red paint?

  9. The douche is loose.

  10. Cock Dr

    Wow…that is uberdouchetastic. He has outdone himself this time!

  11. This coat was made from the hair between North West’s eyes.

  12. The Pope

    Rudolph got run over by a hipster…

  13. fred

    His best friend is still bitter from losing a bet that Mayer couldn’t nail Katy Perry, so this time he handed Mayer that jacket and bet him he could not get laid in it.

    He lost. Again.

  14. A fur coat is à propos for him. Gross on gross.

  15. Phoenix

    Popping and locking like it’s 1985.

  16. Swearin

    Like all the best fur trappers, he regularly climbs wondrous peaks

    (Yes, it’s a reference to Katy Perry’s breasts)

  17. “I’m done hunting wabbits.”

  18. Whatever else he might be… I’m sure he’s spooged all over Katy Perry’s naked tits. So… Hats off to him.

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