1. Justin: Hey Harvey, ya got a role for me too?

  2. Jonah, Jonah, Jonah!
    Not cool, bro. Not cool….

  3. “Hey! Hey! Hands off my woman, Senator Franken!”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Honey? Can we get going? We’re gonna miss . . . Honey? We should probably get . . . Um . . . Sir? Could you let me and . . . Honey, are you done yet . . . Honey? Sir?”

  5. fred

    “Hey . . .wait one gosh-darn minute. I walk your dog, do your laundry, take out your garbage and carry your boxes, and you kiss this guy? THIS GUY? Jiminy cricket; what’s a guy gotta do around here?

  6. Mac gets mad when PC gets his hard drive to close to his woman….

  7. “Please get me away from this nerd, I’m a huge celebrity!”

  8. cory


  9. JimBB

    Justin, this guy smells like jewish guilt!

  10. “ohhHHhh…a blue and red scarf, that’s so… rare these days…mmm”
    (starts making out with Justin’s dad)
    “Daaaad! You can’t out hipster me! I just bought this jacket at the Salvation Army!”

  11. You know you are an ugly fucker when you have to worry about that guy stealing Amanda away from you.

  12. bigalkie

    If you’re exceptionally average and you know it, wear a red hat

  13. “I’m a Mac.”
    “And I’m not PC.”

  14. This picture is going in the next Oxford dictionary under “cuckold”.

  15. “Uh honey… What are you doing?”
    *ziiiiiip* “Nothing.”
    “Oh…Okay. Um…where did you want this microwave?”
    “Right there… that;s the spot!”
    “Go home Justin!”

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