1. I always just duct tape a couple coyote pets on when I go out too.

  2. Julia: “Tonight, I get to be George Clooney, and YOU have to be Julia Roberts!”

  3. JimBB

    America’s Sweetheart 1979 and America’s Sweetheart 1989 plot on how they’re going to recruit Sandra Bullock to help them overthrow Jennifer Lawrence.

  4. “What’s it like to be an actress, Meryl?”

  5. anonym

    Julia: What’s my breath smell like?

    Meryl: *smells crap and holds breath*

  6. Worst lesbian porno ever.

  7. Swearin

    “Staring contest! Winner gets to be the Lead Actress submission for the Oscars. Annnd, go!….”

  8. “That’s a nice necklace. It’d be a shame if some crazy middle age actress cracked you up side your head and took it! Know what I’m saying?”

  9. tlmck

    “Hi mom.”

  10. She’s a close talker! You will understand.

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