1. Alright, is Dermot learning to pose from Haley Joel Osment or the other way around?

  2. the annual convention of people who hate their parents for giving them shitty names

  3. I understand when you get obsessed with Prince Charles or the manly workout chick or people with their mouths open. But I don’t get the Dermot Mulroney infatuation.

  4. JimBB

    She looks as dead as his career.

  5. Oh that reminds me, I’m SUPER excited for speed skating at the winter games this year.

  6. Son of Flubber

    Power Breast, activate!

  7. She’s daydreaming about Dylan McDermott again.

  8. Sandra Bullock, Steven Tyler, and Skeletor walk into a teleporter …

  9. Salem

    Poor Gomez! Dont do it Morticia! Dont do it!

  10. crb

    I had no idea Peter Murphy was dating Dylan Mulroney

  11. Iggy Pop is not impressed.

  12. Canudigit

    Give her a break……it’s tough having to climb out of a well every time someone watches that stupid VHS tape!

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