1. God, I wanna wreck this chick so bad. I bet she’s a beast in the sack.

  2. Fat or thin, I want in!

  3. It always looks to me like she’s trying really hard to squeegee her B-cups into cleavage.

  4. Not pictured: hugeass

  5. TimmyFigs

    “I’ll bet Johnny Depp have a jacket this suave”

  6. anonym

    she has nicely done implants.

    it pays to hire the best plastic surgeon.

  7. Does Captain Kirk know that she stole his chair?

  8. Marlo

    Why doesn’t that look like her? Has her nose always been that big?

  9. Mohawk Disco

    Forget The Voice. The Boobs speak for themselves.

  10. Fat or thin, I love her. If she porks out again I will keep her in a hole in my basement and feed her scraps as my little dog and I watch.

  11. Skeeter

    I’d like to motorboat those tits, slide my tongue up her asshole and then bang her in the ass. She looks fantastic!

  12. Twink

    She looks great this year as the last few years she was dressed so classless. Looking good Christina!

  13. Well… I guess I’d fuck her… If I HAD to…

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