1. What’s with all the Brook Hoganesque chicks lately?

  2. Do all the Late Show guests have to enter through the alley?

  3. LegMan

    Is Letterman auditioning for a new squeeze or what?

  4. Snack pack

    Time to add another show to the DVR list.

  5. cc

    She’s pleasing to the eye…but then again, if you were called Genevieve you’d kind of have to find a way to be hot wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s not like being called Camilla or anything.

  6. Deacon Jones

    “I love tits. Tits, tits, tits. Here they come, into my mouth.”

  7. EricLr

    The guy in the Lexus doesn’t give a shit who she is, JUST STOP HOLDING UP TRAFFIC BITCH!

  8. turd da third

    Nipples,,, where are the freakin nipples?? tits aren’t any good without nipples, must be a tit job that has left them dead and useless. Such a disappointment. Next………….!

  9. The Brown Streak

    Dave only goes for the classy hookers.

  10. Lolli-Pop

    Hate the bangs. Too frou-frou.

  11. spartacus

    What does she do by the way, I’ve never heard of her.

  12. spartacus

    …..OOohhh, she’s an SI model, well, hyuk!

  13. lily

    never heard of her, but shes very pretty

  14. skunk


  15. Black Zebra

    Wow, what a classy porn star. Must be why I like her.

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