1. vgirl

    Her hoohah is censored.

  2. suck it

    wow must have been a slow day for options for the final five… this “chick” is gross..

  3. I’m so glad we have TV shows like Jersey Shore, instead of crap like this. (I fucking hate you FCC.)

    • GeorgeWBush

      Its not the FCC thats the problem, but the Republicans that continue to enjoy taking up the a$$ by those conservative special interest groups

  4. cc

    Italian tv being what it is, I’d surprised if this show and tell wasn’t preceded by a graphic segment on pubic grooming.

  5. I wonder if Italian vaginas smell like garlic instead of tuna? Or maybe calamari?

  6. Zoom is a dangerous thing. Challenges the gag reflex.

  7. Lolli-Pop

    I would have to say, a complete mastectomy would be sexier than those two failures. Scars included.

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