1. Wally

    What’s with the Spock eyebrows?

  2. I’ll thee you at the magic convention! I can’t wait to thee Crith Angel.

    • mickey B

      I doubt he’ll see Chris Angel, but I’m sure he’ll feel the throbbing cock plunging in and out of his gaping asshole.

  3. it had to be said

    Nice eyebrows, cocksucker. Literally.

  4. I can’t imagine where the gay rumors came from…look, even he is surprised.

  5. “He desires your large yet tender muscles….”
    Eu de DoucheBag
    By the Situation….

  6. BP


  7. Johnny P!

    He’s hoping someone can conjure up some magic or sorcery that’ll make his shit taper agin.

  8. Bane

    Yeah, the eyebows are gay.


  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You’re sure it was empty?…Will you now please …open the closet!

  10. EricLr

    Jeez, there wasn’t ONE magician there who could make him disappear?!?!?

  11. Donald Trump

    there’s something different about his face (other than the brows)

  12. Deacon Jones

    “Dude. Would a gay guy wear a hat like this? Seriously, bro”

  13. He is so ugly. I can’t even stand it… he’s hideous, inside and out.

  14. Kob

    Giant forehead

  15. Joe

    Gay Douche

  16. Frank Burns


  17. Look: Blue Santorum™ by The Situation

  18. Ismoss

    Looks like he’s made of spare parts.

  19. Big Horn

    “I’m not gay, alright? GTL, gym tan laundry Bitches. Just maybe more laundry than normal” Serious evil face “I’m mad they called me gay, look at me I’m serious. Gays are never serious”

  20. MILF

    He’s trying to levitate so he can feel that fist behind him in his ass.

  21. Jaycee

    Smells like cock all up in here!!!!!

  22. flaT

    Magic convention… and he’s not gay.. really?

  23. “For my next trick—no, siddown Joey, I don’t mean you, I’m talkin’ magic here—for my next trick…”

  24. A magic convention is a good place to do tricks.

  25. The Brown Streak

    He’s still confused as to where all that money is stored behind his ear.

  26. Do_Freebird

    My gaydar is going off big time.

  27. Bigglesworth

    Nothing worse than an angry gay man

  28. CK

    Is he going to pull a dildo out of thin air? Or out of his ass?

  29. Lolli-Pop

    That’s it, if smegma like this can make it famous, anyone can.

  30. spartacus

    I smell knob cheese

  31. Contusion

    A douche bag says what?

  32. Whattup yo? I’d pose with a normal face, but there’s a situation with the gerbil in my rectum right now.

  33. skunk

    gay steele

  34. tlmck

    He aspires to be Pauly Shore.

  35. dontlooknow

    “Watch me pull a douchbag outta my hat!”

  36. Nosey

    He finally got a nose job!!!

  37. cutthecrap

    Holy shit, who the fuck is this? Looks like a reject from Menudo circa 1992. There’s just too much wrong with this, words fail me/

  38. poppymoss

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Pauly Shore?

  39. Sliver

    Men (this does not include douche-rocket pictured above) do NOT overpluck. God no. Hair is instrumental to your breeding success. Yes?

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