1. stratacat

    when did he start dating jwoww? isn’t he married???

  2. It’s nice to see she has a front pouch to carry him for long distances….

  3. Love the fire hydrant, hate the dink.

  4. DeucePickle

    Don’t even try to think that P-Dink isn’t a bonafied ass kicker

  5. Jill

    I like how she made him a vest out of her old jacket.. that’s so sweet!

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Nothing to see here, they just swapped heads is all.

  7. “You know, I could jump this. Wait, better not, there’s a guy with a camera.”

  8. Ever wonder what a dog’s jacket looks like on a midget?

  9. Contusion

    HIs wife looks a lot like a fire hydrant, but at least she’s shorter than him.

  10. it’s all about symmetry – fire plug, midget, girl having a seizure.

  11. Stewie Griffin

    Does this short f *cker ever smile!

  12. Pipedreamer

    “Damn, These Mutha****ers are always after my Muthaf***in’ Lucky Charms!”

  13. ali

    “She thinks she’s the boss of me, I’ll show her, look whose a big boy now. Big actor boys don’t need their carrier.Big actor boys can carry their own lunch now, too, see? Ow, my left arm HURTS.

  14. Misana

    ooo.. I thought that was Jwoww

  15. Codot

    That awkward moment when you realize you’re fucking a midget.

  16. Codot

    Okay people, this is fun.

    Look at this picture, then click through the rest of the gallery, imagining that everyone photographed is looking at Dinklage. It actually matches up in some bizarre way.

  17. Say what you will about him, the man has excellent taste in footwear.

  18. This picture seems like it’s crying out for a Game of Thrones reference. Maybe, “Oh, please, don’t let my barbarian allies see me like this.” Does that make sense? I don’t watch the show.

  19. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “Well, if you won’t get back in your high chair, you can at least carry my purse and one bag of groceries home.”

  20. Mike701

    If he wins an Oscar does he have to thank the little people?

  21. KC

    A little later it will be his turn in the Baby Bjorn.

  22. tlmck

    She’s mulling the consequences of marrying for money.

  23. What is that stuffed down the front of her jacket, part of the set from the original Tron?

    And why is The Dink carrying her purse? Was that her part of the pre-nup or what?

  24. Merton DeClickscales

    Ha ha! Photoshop. Huge head on tiny body. Nice.

  25. emily

    Good parents protect their babies. Would anyone want their precious newborn infant exposed on the internet? Give them a break.

  26. Larry Jones

    Damn, I just bought that same (color, size) Northface vest for my 12 yr old son for Christmas. It looks good! He’s going to love it!!

  27. I get the feeling Peter Dinklage would be a cool guy to hang out with. Of course it could be a real bummer if you decided to go out together and shoot some pool.

  28. Kermit von Loenstein

    He must get a lot of work at Christmas time.

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