1. Echo5

    Cock Mc Carpetmunch pointing out the latest notch on the oool’ bedpost

  2. “This bitch!”

  3. joe

    The flames were as red as her hair.

  4. Looks like he got his dentures in crooked.

  5. “And they call ME , ‘Dyke’!”

  6. Swearin

    “Check out her expression; ironically, that was also Julie Andrew’s O-face!”

  7. Mohawk Disco

    Is this what I look like when I’m constipated?

  8. “I’d do her!”

  9. “Bagged the real thing 50 years ago!”

  10. Googling Dick Van Dyke on Urban Dictionary now…o m g!

  11. Flatliner

    Did her in the ass!

  12. her?
    naw- too old!

  13. Vlad

    Can ya’ believe this shit?

  14. gooch

    Did her in the ass. You know… before it was fashionable.

  15. “…hung like a horse!”

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