1. Echo5

    *Steve Harvey in dreadlocks

  2. Sheppy

    Is that a rubber mask? Or really his face?

  3. Wasn’t he in Micheal Jackson’s “Black or White” video? If so, wow, he’s still rocking that look, huh?

  4. I thought they were done with the Twilight movies.

  5. If you don’t want to wake up with a bizarrely drawn Sharpie beard and mustache, don’t fall the fuck asleep in the green room!

  6. Butt Plugger

    Getting ready to film the next Predator

  7. Herb, from the singing group Peaches and Herb, shown here with a random board game.

  8. The Pope

    Even if I had a million guesses, I’d never think that this guy’s name is “Jeff”.

  9. ElPolloDiablo

    Pics in a box.

  10. Ask the stylist for kabuki Whoopi Prince, get kabuki Whoopi Prince.

  11. Ashford and Simpson are still around?

  12. maoix

    Gotta admit, I recognized him immediately as that drug-dealing dude in “Only the Strong.”

    “None of your dyamn beez-ness!”

  13. What in the hell?

  14. The toy drive organizers asked everyone to donate something that you don’t need and might not be considered useful anymore. That game of Pictionary brought this guy.

  15. Your cheekbone shifted.

  16. journalschism

    I thought this was the “A-Team Villains Have A Heart” event?

  17. I am Mufassa!… Wanna play Pictionary?

  18. I know she looks like a dude, but I love her.

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