1. catapostrophe

    Sweet buggy.

  2. schmidtler

    of course she’s smiling – she heard they were serving bags of oats and crunchy apples at the luncheon!

  3. Is that a car or a wheeled barn?

  4. Swearin

    How much horsepower does that car have?

    (I’m being lazy today)

  5. Looks like this one’s got the colic, Bill.

  6. ” Hey hey hey who let the horse out of the stable?”

  7. Flatliner

    They really should bring back Hee Haw

  8. Dougie Fresh

    The Incredible Mr. Ed

  9. Brit

    Of course she’s smiling. They always serve premium organic prarie hay at the Cosmo luncheon.

  10. Father Dougal

    I know y’all are tempted to make more horse jokes, but just say “neigh”!

  11. She’s hot to trot!

  12. PassingTrue

    Pretty mane though.

  13. Old Grey Mare She ain’t what She used to be
    Ain’t what She used to be…

  14. “Horse, horse, equine reference, feedbag hoof hoof, mane, carrot oats. Snout, hoof, trot road apple, swayback horseshoe, horse.”

  15. spike

    The Purty Little Filly with the Pony Tail

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