1. I really Couldn’t be Bothered

  2. Echo5

    That’s their ‘and no fucks were given’ faces

  3. I expect our resident conservative fundies are gonna love this pic.

  4. Michelle: Oh no he di-int!

  5. Since when does Bill Clinton sit in the ba…. Ohhhhh… Never mind.

  6. That look… maybe they’re born with it. Maybe its Maybelline.

  7. Mohawk Disco

    I know, honey. I know. You have the magic power to tell whether it’s a toupee or not. I know…

  8. She’s about to go Winnie Mandela on him.

  9. Swearin

    “See, black men be all like “Oh whateva, blah blah blah, and black women be all like “Uh-uh, psssh” – from Barack Obama’s inappropriately-timed memorial stand-up special

  10. malaka

    clearly, the man hates freedom.
    secret muslim kommisar is not impressed with your ceremonial displays of admiration.

  11. “Oh kay, honey, I just meant Winnie Mandela looked good, not that she looked better than you.”


  12. OBAMA: “What, honey? All I said was I really liked his performance in The Shawshank Redemption.”

  13. KISS CAM!!! KISS CAM!!! Aww, come on you guys.

  14. harry stools

    This shows how difficult it really is to find a beard who never forgets their place

  15. Flatliner

    President: Yeah, well, I guess he did a bit of good…
    First Lady: Nelson, sweetie, you want to kick his ass or should I?

  16. The full picture is even better when he is taking the pic with the woman and other guy, the look on Michelle Obama’s face is priceless.

  17. Mallissin

    This is why she was rolling her eyes, by the way:

    And I agree with her.

  18. dougie fresh

    “Michelle, don’t look now…but, Agent Penis Nose is behind you”.

  19. amir

    And Eric Holder is is the back round looking like”" I can’t believe him either Michelle”.

  20. Drew


  21. Vlad

    Come on Michelle, let Biden through

  22. “Barack, I really need to go!”
    “Not here Michelle, this place is awful! Wait until we get back on Air Force One.”

  23. Dick Thunder

    Nigga please……that weak ass fake ass blonde…..

  24. PassingTrue

    Wow. I never knew funerals were so boring when I’m not giving a speech.

  25. “Wow, even FDR was there.”

  26. Dex

    “Mish, baby, you KNOW there is only enough space for 3 heads in a horizontal selfie….”


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