1. Filipino dude is not a belieber.

  2. Dude in the colourful shirt is calculating how much money he could make selling Beiber into prostitution.

  3. Monsignor Nelson

    Secret handshake!
    She’s a total douchebag too!

  4. Proof there is no God.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Thank you. I’m honored I to be here and shake your hands. Just one more thing: Now you have crabs and you have crabs and you have crabs. I’m RICH bitches! Suck it!

  6. Farkwad

    Guy on left: “This has to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to us.”

  7. “Hello poor, I’m Justin. Where are your ladies of the prostitution?”

  8. The Pope

    “I made that shirt!”

  9. ElPolloDiablo

    “Why does god keep sending us things that blow hard?”

  10. Maple Christ is there to deliver all the ladyboys to the promised land.

  11. How the Philippinos Got Their Groove Back 3D. Coming soon.

  12. I love the dudes total look of disgust at how Bieber managed to fuck up a simple handshake.

  13. Look at all the security around him…those people probably would love to smash his skull in

  14. Flatliner

    Nice to meet you…now where are all the beached whales at?

  15. JoeSchmoe

    Hey cool place btw my hat costs more than your house.

  16. Hello Philippines. I know you wanted food, shelter and first aid but you got Bieber…our bad.
    (Keep Bieber, We insist)

  17. fap

    Note the bodyguard stepping up to protect Bieber from the small asian woman.

  18. ‘S’up? How much are you?”

  19. “What sort of aid did you bring us, Mr. Justin? Your ‘awesomeness,’ you say? Oh…thank you. That’s something we can really use.”

  20. Good God I hate to admit this, but he’s only 99% idiot. We don’t know his motives for being there but he IS there. Lohan isn’t there. Twerker isn’t there. Hell, Wyclef and Sean Penn aren’t there. And so I, reluctantly, grant Maple Jesus 1% respect. *opens another beer*

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