1. Echo5

    So tell me J-Dawg, what’s your pet name for the little missus?

  2. Uh.

    ^ The lyrics to most of Jay-Z’s songs.

  3. joe

    And so, after you shoot your brother, use both hands, like this, to apply direct pressure to the wound.

  4. Chris

    He’s calling for the vagina play.

  5. “Yeah, ever since she had the baby, I’d say it’s about like this.”

  6. “Hayden’s butthole is this big yo.”

  7. Hasselhoff's Testicles

    Flashing the Freemason sign

  8. “Yo, I saw that teen mom porno and the bitches butthole was like THIS big!”

    (see, I passed on the slow pitch yesterday but two days in a row is too much to ask)

  9. jep


    (Look it up.)

  10. “H-OVA, y’all can’t afford my shit at Barney’s anyway”

  11. Is that a black microphone in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

    Oh, it *is* a black microphone. Carry on.

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