1. She’s pretty cute.

  2. Avrilsucks

    What happened to Lindsays face?

  3. Farkwad

    The tits say “come hither”. The rest of her says “I’m coming out of your screen and killing you for burying me in the well.”

  4. Looks like one of those plastic chests you get at Party City for Halloween. “Colossal Cleavage.”

  5. “That sensation you’re feeling is the Lohaning”.

  6. alex

    She’s really edgy and punk.

  7. Rule number two was ‘don’t get the Mogwai wet’, stupid.

  8. mike

    The dude from Nickelback’s tongue has been there.

    You’re welcome.

  9. She is still sexy, always loved her.

  10. they’ve started casting for The Ring 3?

  11. her eyes are in a losing battle against the pressure of her eyebrows

  12. Get rid of those shitty extensions.

  13. Evil Avril is.. evil…

  14. Rabid rat face, so punk.

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