1. Damn, he’s short.

  2. joe

    Hey honey, how ’bout we get my step stool and make out?

  3. He’s getting ready to ride home in her pocket.

  4. Hasselhoff's Testicles

    He’s as tall as a lot of other famous people. Like him, Gloria Estefan is 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.57 m). Tom Cruise, Napoleon, Barney Rubble and Papa Smurf

  5. “Yo girl make sure that cab got booster seats.”

  6. “Yo Girl! The mall Santa wants to see you in the back of his sleigh.”

  7. “C’mon baby. Let me ride on your shoulders so I can see the parade!”

  8. Everyone in Hollywood thought Kevin Hart was a nice guy, so respectful of women. Then one fateful day, he happened to be in a crowd with a woman whose ass he could reach…

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