1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Did she hop there?

  2. Why even try to lose weight when all you have to do is wear spanx.

  3. it had to be said

    Oh. Those legs got really stubby. Bad choice somewhere in there.

  4. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    halloween is over. stop dressing up as sausage

  5. Why do female celebrities cross their legs while standing? This only makes her ham hocks look larger.

  6. It’s like a stained glass window made of bacon.

  7. As you can see, the upper two quadrants are remarkably small, whereas the lower two, well, they’re pretty goddamn huge.

  8. And…

    Shouldn’t PETA be covering her with blood because of her dress is made of Darth Maul?

  9. The Brown Streak

    Rule #27. Don’t drink a full glass of Metamucil before the photoshoot.

  10. I hope that outer piece is steel belted.

  11. hbw

    Rex Ryan showed up, thinking the invitation said “Give and Get Feet”

  12. Bonky

    “Ok, so does this one work? This is the last one of these ‘bandage things’ in the closet, so it’s this or I am back to sweat pants and pull overs.”

  13. Racer X

    I would wreck that.

  14. cc

    Worse still, imagine trying to wrangle that over her hips for some restroom stall action?

  15. CranAppleSnapple

    Oh for god’s sake! It’s over, Hewitt! You have single-handedly killed that weird trend of sausage casing clothing. I’ll bet the designer hates your guts.
    Special dispensation if you are actually auditioning for a Star Trek.

  16. Kimarie

    She is the master of the optical illusion dresses. The next one will have the black/white hypno-swirl on it and you won’t be able to look at it without blacking out.

  17. Dave Mustaine

    Her feet must stink in those leather shoes.

  18. squishy

    If your going to stick with the bandage dresses…maybe you should stick with all black!

  19. Tillman

    Thanks for reminding me, I need to get a standing brisket for the weekend.

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