1. That’s an ironic name for that party if this guy is there.

  2. This Klingon has had a LOT of fucking cosmetic surgery. Looks nearly human.

  3. I thought this was Chris Meloni with an eyebrow upgrade.

  4. His mother should be ashamed for letting him wear that mask on Halloween.

  5. “aie! And fer de next act, I will shove de dynamite from zis suicide vest up ma ass!”

  6. fred

    Navid Negahban? Guilty.

  7. mnsuperbee

    I believe the correct caption is Abu Nazir.

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    This guy has the quintessential look of someone who fucks wannabe actresses & models in return for supporting the furtherment of their careers.

  9. “I’m here to watch your kids!”

  10. “You bring the porn?!”

  11. Vladimir

    Sid Caesar has had some work done…

  12. I viewed full size and my screen went greasy.

  13. “Finally I will catch those vile little smurfs and turn them into Gold As well! Muah ha hah ha”

  14. Mista Snazzy

    Please do not Head-bunt me sir!

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