1. Maria IS Predator, Look Out!!

  2. Cock Dr

    Photos like this make me want to jump into a bathtub filled with female replacement hormones.

  3. I’ll give ‘em equally hideous.

  4. Mr. Sensitive

    Who said feminists shrivel up after decades of seething ineffectual hatred? We should listen to them and do what they say. Or take them to a taxidermist. Either way.

    • Feminism has nothing to do with hatred. It’s not the man-hating, sex-hating, flannel-wearing, hairy Birkenstock fat trucker chick-land the man-hating, sex-hating, flannel-wearing, hairy Birkenstock fat trucker chicks would have you believe it is.

  5. “My work here is done”.- ugly stick

  6. Fresco

    Have they undergone the same…. whatever, that Heidi Klum did on Halloween?

  7. Just imagine how many boots we could make out of those two!

  8. “Snarf snarf SNARF”

  9. Is this a showcase for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop?

  10. Seems like Arnold’s choice to bang a doughy middle aged Mexican maid makes more & more sense all the time.

  11. AC

    Are you guys effing kidding me? Gloria Steinem is almost 80, and for sure looks better than you aholes do right now at 13.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Calling BS on this one. Unless you’re a Jack LaLanne clone and have devoted your energies into living an insanely healthy lifestyle, then at 80 you don’t look better than ANYthing.

  12. Gloria rips one while Maria takes it up the nose, seems fair to me.

  13. crb

    And this is why feminism. Because: ugly.

    Bet even these “ladies” were smartasses back in their 20s.

    -Which strangely enough, seem they must’ve occurred in the 19-20s.

  14. Vladimir

    Next on American Horror Story: Coven…

  15. What the actual fuck?

  16. Shit! That reminds me… I forgot to put my cigars in the humidor.

  17. Vladimir

    The Hag Store called; they’re runnin’ out of you…

  18. Big Dick Magee

    No reason for Arnie to cheat on HER !

  19. Quite possibly either the worst or greatest threesome of your life.

  20. tlmck

    Old crone night in Beverly Hills.

  21. Maria is consistently one of the most severe looking human beings I have ever seen.

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