1. George Costanza has a better hairline than that.

  2. She must be receiving an award for her tenure as Clooney’s accessory.

  3. Mista Snazzy

    Trying to ensnare a new rich boyfriend / husband. Good luck madam!!

  4. MisterSHO

    That left boob is trying to escape back to Lake Como.

  5. dennis

    She’s developed crazy ex/girlfriend eyes.

  6. Fresco

    That brave moment when you realize that your right boob is a B and your left boob is a D and yet you still wear this dress.

  7. Seems the Kiebler elves forgot to pump up both sides evenly.

  8. cc

    Photographs that do not show her legs and/or her ass are largely a waste of time. I thought we had established that around these parts?

  9. I love the X men formal wear.

  10. I’ll always love this woman. She’s just gorgeous.

  11. Oh, man… she is not doing well. They’ve already repossessed one of her boob implants.

  12. seat filler

    it’s funny because she is an accesory

  13. whatever

    oh the future laughs at this ‘fashion’

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