1. Pshhht… That’s how we all do it….

  2. JimBB

    Yeah Pierce, her voice has that effect on men. Just relax and stare at her breasts for a minute and you’ll be fine.

  3. George P Burdell

    You nipple does extend all the way out here!

  4. Is this how you make love like an englishman? you push away an attractive woman who tries tempts you with a heaving cleavage and alcohol?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      She’s not fat enough for his tastes. He doesn’t recognise any woman smaller than his wife as sexy.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Antonio Banderas tried to give them a fake British birth certificate when they were casting the film.

  6. I’ve got an idea… it’s like 127 Hours, except the guy’s arm gets stuck under Salma Hayek’s boob. Any backers?

  7. Vlad

    Gaaahhh! Mexican cleavage is my Kryptonite!

  8. “No Mr. Bond. I expect you to stare at my tits.”


    ‘NOOOO! Can’t … resist … being … pulled in … ‘

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