1. JimBB

    Yeah, well, You SHOULD be embarrassed!!

  2. Is she looking at us or him?

  3. The Pope

    They met when she agreed to be a hair-donor for him. Any day now they’ll actually cut it, so they can be separated.

  4. this is the same face he makes when caught masturbating in a restaurant.

  5. cc

    Casting him as a mobster was possibly one of the worst casting decisions of all time.

  6. Vladimir

    Waddaya know? Guys get Botox too…

  7. “Can I go back to seat now?”

  8. “Hey, you! Move, I can’t see that guys ass!”

  9. She’s a keeper! It’s a rare gal that can watch the game AND pay attention to you.

  10. journalschism

    Best. Hairplugs. Ever.

  11. martina

    Really, who are they?

  12. whatever

    omg, he looks like the legless olympic athlete who murdered his model girlfriend and keeps getting away with it because he is a national treasure in corrupt south-africa

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