1. Westcoastdude

    Jessica can’t wait for the spin-off “How to bitch like an amercian”

  2. Simon

    Are you looking at my bum? Bum-looker! Cheeky monkey.

  3. dennis

    That dress makes her look like someone let the air out of those rear tires.

  4. The Pope

    “What the hell is Pierce Brosnan doing?”

  5. I don’t like her dress. It’s doing bizarre things to her ass. I like to imagine that’s my job, to do weird shit to her ass.

  6. Mike

    Boy he moved on from Marissa pretty quick!

  7. fred

    Beware of having kids. They are nothing but little ass-spreaders.

  8. Vladimir

    Attention Reese Witherspoon; this is how to NOT have a Mom butt…

  9. This guy played a teenager 6 years ago…

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