1. Kris Jenner doesn’t waste any time.
    Setting up for the porno shoot on the lawn while the legit one takes place?
    That woman’s a multitasker of whoreishness

  2. Game on Kendall

  3. Jaimie Alexander’s a step ahead of you—see if you can catch up and pass her!

  4. Sorry, I have nothing funny to say about this. It’s just sad.

  5. JimBB

    On the set of her new indie film “Kylie Jenner’s Black Backdoor Blowout.”

  6. George P Burdell

    Kylie is a Jenner. Maybe Bruce will go nuclear on Kris and lay waste to the entire family “business”.

  7. yourmom

    The force is strong in this one…

  8. Joe Blow

    Awww, isn’t that sweet! It’s always a special time when young jail bait matures into full-on skank whore.

  9. in 2 more years she’ll be covering two more bars of that railing.

  10. malaka

    lifestyles of the rich and pissed on

  11. photo shop boobs? She can’t have been out of the limelight long enough to have purchased them, right? Anyway, I know she’s only 16 but ; WHORE.

  12. Why give them fuel for the fire. She’s fricking 16. Doesn’t matter how “hot” she is.

    If they didn’t have an audience, they’d have no reason to post pics.

  13. Da, da,
    da da
    Dude looks like a — Oops. Never mind. Actually he does not.

  14. Swearin

    Dear God, that is so freakin’ hot! I mean, look at the cut of that grass, so well-trimmed! And that inlaid stone path just casually cutting through the corner? Oh wow.

  15. she looks so generic, just like that sandra popa chick. So fake and dead in the eyes.

  16. mac

    Isn’t she a teenager? I had no idea who this was…I only clicked on the pic to find out who this gorgeous 45 year old is…

  17. Margaret

    and a virgin. so virginal.

  18. Mike

    Is it me, or did she get breast implants? She had to have got them recently, she never had boobs that big. And they look so fake as well.

  19. fred


    Black male 18 to 22 (may be older to play younger, but must be at least 18) for role of up and coming rap star/professional basketball player/no talent son of celebrity parents who falls in love with budding ingenue. Must be dark skinned and exude sexuality. Think 50 shades of grey, only this is 50 shades of Colt 45. Must be able to speak with gangster affect-only genuine NWA’s considered. Must be comfortable with nudity and simulated sex. Shoot is one to two days, plus several follow on days for dubbing and interviews denying tape is fake/objecting to “leak” of footage. Pay is scale plus 10%. Submit full composite only (no head shots-must include body pictures as well).

  20. I revise my genre prediction: Asian girl-girl fisting… outdoors.

  21. cc

    No accidental peep at a vag or even an areola? Kris has obviously acquired some patience over time.

  22. “Mom said if I put on this dress and posed for more photos she wouldn’t throw our new kitten off the balcony like the last one. It didn’t die right away and she left it outside screaming in agony all night to ‘teach you a lesson about how we pay for botox and lip injections in this family.’ I couldn’t go through that again.”

  23. Breast implants on a 16 year old is fucking disgusting. It’ll be hot in 2 years though.

  24. anonym

    slut in the making

  25. poop

    good thing her face in the shadow

  26. This one is going to be fun.

  27. What’s bigger the melons on her chest or the melon on her neck? Honestly, this one is going to do some crazy ass shit to make up for being both the younger one AND the uglier one. Internet, you’ve been warned.

  28. Hugh G. Rection

    Why is it that the Kardashian-Jenner offspring aren’t interesting unless they do porn or have huge asses or both?

  29. Robb7

    Isn’t she the one being poked by Will Smith’s mentally-challenged son? She looks like she’s 40 with that unfortunate face.

  30. lawn

    Here starts the slippery slope.

  31. I need black dick and i need it now!!!

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