1. JimBB

    Jackie So?

  2. Kate’s Melbourne Cups runneth over.

  3. Yeah, droopy there will NOT be on the cover of anymore Si swimsuit issues.

  4. dennis

    That fresh faced look is going south face.

  5. She bought that outfit with her winnings betting Sarah Jessica Parker to win in the 6th race.

  6. MarketingMike

    Hate to say it, she’s quickly becoming the 175lb Kate Upton we all knew should would grow into. Give her another year…

  7. For some reason I read that as D Cup Day…

  8. Mike

    I love this girl, but I hope she doesn’t enter a big-and-fat phase. Maybe those “you have no ass” remarks are getting to her. 21 and she’s about to look like Christina Hendricks on a bad day (remember the bikini shots from 2011, people?).

    • Mike

      In a year or when her teen metabolism fades away, that fast food lifestyle she enjoys won’t cut it anymore. Maybe she hasn’t noticed what the other models she works with eat (dry salads and coke). Nobody hires 150lb+ models for Sports Illustrated Covers and Victoria Secret spreads, and looking at her current pic (probably pushing 130) she needs to taper off McDonalds, and save her money.

  9. Hahahahaha. You studs acting like you wouldn’t suck a dick so she would even hold your hand are hilarious.

  10. She definitely put on a few.

  11. Four things she has going for her. Pretty eyes and pretty chest. I’ve seen better bodies and faces on ANY given day at my local mall.

  12. Michael

    “Super” Models have to keep within a certain size/weight range, to fit the outfits.For example Victoria Secret shoots. If they gain 10-15lbs like she evidently has, it won’t take long before she won’t get hired. Don’t kid yourself, there are dozens of girls dying to be the next Kate Upton at agencies in all the major cities. I see a “whatever happened to Kate Upton” documentary in her future.

    • Michael

      By the way, blowing off that kid on YouTube’s prom, after agreeing to do it, was not the best PR move ever. It took about half an hour for another V.Secret model to swoop in, and save the day for that kid. You know why? The worlds greatest FREE publicity, and what did it cost her, 2 hours of her time. Looks like Kate was probably in line at McDees, supersizing her career away.

  13. Still reminds me of this :

    Sally : But men can balloon up to the size of a Volkswagen and still get dates.

    Dick : Well, that’s great!

    Sally : Oh, not you, Dick. You’re sloppy fat.

  14. martina

    body wise ….. it’s not going to end well for Kate, it won’t long before she’s the blonde Kim Kardashian

    • paul

      Uh… Kim Kardashian has a figure. More than a figure. She’s the epitome of an hourglass, just with a huge fucking ass and stubby legs. This bitch looks like a walking box of lard.

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