1. stinkfinger

    Please don’t smile, please don’t smile……..

  2. I don’t know what the ASCAP Country Music Awards are, but I know the ASPCA Country Music Awards were canceled due to a lack of artists that haven’t sexually abused a farm animal.

  3. If you’d dressed like this before, Kurt Loder might not have made fun of your poetry. Your awful, awful poetry.

  4. this picture makes my boobs hurt.

  5. Fresco

    Oh no, not again. Why is it always the right boob that is smaller. At least no scoliosis… I think.

  6. fred

    Is her dress telling me that all roads lead to her tits? Because that’s the way I am interpreting that highway on her belly.

  7. Still a beautiful lady. I still would.

  8. Beautiful women, snaggle teeth and all.

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