1. Man, when Russell Brand said he wanted to challenge himself in the blow department, he wasn’t messing around.

  2. Boris, don’t go giving Rob Ford any ideas.

  3. I always thought he looked like he was just shot out of a cannon. This clinches it.

  4. Somewhere there’s a suppository joke in there…

  5. Wherever he is, BoJo always looks surprised to be there.

  6. crb

    I say old bean, this moment reminds me of the time I auditioned to be the new Keith Moon…

  7. “I have a small penis.”

  8. Waiting in line for his colonoscopy

  9. Vladimir

    On the next Hardball, Chris Matthews talks over a cannon…

  10. Dox

    “Uh, no Mr. Johnson… you really don’t need to put your ear against it to hear better….”

  11. “What do you mean I can’t fire this thing while straddling it? Well than what the point?”

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