1. Venom

    She is a lesbian right? Thank God. They can keep this one.

  2. Waldo

    Gary Oldman has a doppelganger.

  3. arnieblackblack

    Mickey Rourke lost some weight I see

  4. squishy

    Egads!! Ugh!!

  5. MAW!!! Ol’ Betsy done lost annuther one of her saddle bags!

  6. MRF

    Jon Voigt’s been looking younger ever since Angelina let him see the kids.

  7. electricgrl

    Must have the precious..

  8. JC

    Between her and Secretariat, Sex and the City 3 is going to be HAWT!

  9. Bob

    To think Charlize Theron had to sit through hours of make-up to look like that and they had this broad ready to go…

  10. Dave_A

    Oh, I didn’t know they were shooting a sequel to Monster.

  11. Icelandic Les

    Still hotter then SJP.

  12. I totally want that sling bag thing, and I’m a straight guy.

  13. Well, someone went full lesbian.

  14. Hugh Gentry

    on her way to get the gym teacher haircut.

  15. dontkillthemessenger

    How are they making Monster Part 2… didn’t the chick get electocuted at the end of the first one?

  16. Where do you suppose she keeps her ‘hair-do of snakes’ when she’s not wearing it?

  17. Nobody

    I loved the scene in Scary Movie 2 where he was serving up the food he had cooked and he put that tiny hand into all the food. I was like “EEEEW!” and LOL at the same time!

  18. Satan's bitch

    What the fuck is the point of carrying a saddlebag if you’re just going to carry all your shit in your hands anyway?!? I thought lesbos were smarter than that.

  19. Now there is somebody who flat out doesn’t give a shit.

  20. God is Black

    What do Lesbians do with a 70 fl oz Nalgene bottle? Seriously its a question not a joke?

  21. Reece

    “Sex and the Alley Dumpster”

  22. MisterSuccint

    The hormone therapy is going nicely.
    Sign her up now for next season’s DWTS.

  23. I only support gay marriage if the two chicks are hot. Sorry, gotta pass on this one.

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