1. Puss in platforms?

  2. EricLr

    Step 5 of “Operation Escape from Crazy Bitch Wife.”

  3. BP

    Nice Clogs Bitch!

  4. Antonio quickly stashed his lingerie and dress in his backpack only realizing too late that he forgot to put on his sneakers.

  5. Looks like he just got caught cross dressing.

  6. RobN

    I think this is the outfit they give you in jail when they catch you running around naked and high.

  7. this is not the first patr of clogs I’ve seen this guy in. Anyone remember when he was good looking? Anyone?

  8. “So. Let me geet thees straight. Jou are telleen’ me thees ees NOT my plane?”

  9. He’s got that look dogs get when they realize you’re not taking them to the park after all.

  10. Definitely Melanie’s shoes… he even has lube in the door to help them fit…

  11. Allison Wunderlan

    If only those pink pumps came in a size 14.

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