1. *Blac Kardashian. FYTO.

  2. Well this lets Nicki Minaj off the ugliest hook…

  3. This bitch just out-assed Kim Kardashian. Kanye probably has a raging boner right now

  4. It’s like someone put Snooki and Nicki Minaj in a blender.

  5. Mark B

    Someone needs a new diapey, yes they do.

  6. Pepper's Pot

    wow thats fucking disgusting

  7. EricLr

    Baby got….serious medical problem?

  8. Lil Benny Waffle

    Dear white people,

    Shut up, we like this.

    The rest of us.

  9. Cock Dr

    Wow. Here is a true contender for the title of Assiest of All.

  10. Brit

    Even John Hamm would see this as a long-distance challenge

  11. B&WMnstrel

    Now who looks ridiculous? – a peacock

  12. Blac Chyna? How sad to have to fall back on your second choice stage name after being unable to spell her first choice, Blaque Yawannit.

  13. Sheppy

    Wow. That’s like, not photoshopped or anything. That’s real isn’t it?
    Just… wow :/

  14. ThisWillHurt

    You went with “Blac Chyna?” Well, when the Chinese inevitably rob America of its control of the world, that’s one more thing we’ll have to answer to. I hope you and your Kardashian Ass are happy!

  15. Didn’t know that Thulsa Doom had a daughter.

  16. RobN

    What’s it supposed to be?

  17. Little Tongue

    I get it… She got lipposucked everywhere but on her butt.

  18. The Pope

    If having a fat ass qualifies as a talent these days, then my family is more talented than the goddamn Osmonds.

  19. Deacon Jones

    I think Nicki Minaj has started something wonderful.

    No, not her music, which sounds like fucking garbage. It’s ghetto chicks trying to out-surgically enhance themselves. This could lead to years of great material.

  20. crafty sea urchin

    It seems that all it takes to be famous these days is long black hair and a gigantic ass.

  21. Motorboat Captain

    How’s this for a new rule: if she doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s standards for notability, don’t post about her.

  22. I Googled her name and got this as my result: ¯\(°_o)/¯

  23. Again, I don’t blame the paparazzi, they’re just trying to make a living; they see something unusual and take a picture of it, hoping to sell it to someone. The tabloid media is only 25% to blame for buying the pics in the first place when someone, somewhere could have just said, “I’m not buying this garbage, what is this thing? Not blurry enough to be Sasquatch…” The general public is only 25% to blame as well, since they create the demand to see it, which the media are more than happy to charge to supply. The remaining 50% of the blame for my new brain tumor has to go to Photo Boy for putting this no-name walking abortion ON MY MONITOR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

    She’s not even the missing link, for that would imply she’s part of the chain.

  24. “Someone go call the Kardashians. Tell them there’s a NEW sheriff in town. And she’s gunnin’ for every damn one of ‘em!”

  25. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The Great Ass of Chyna might soon join The Great Wall of China as man-made objects visible from outer space.

  26. oldfool

    I’d sooner fuck Chyna Doll.

  27. Hate Mongrel

    I’m going to go back.

  28. ManRay

    Ah…huh? ah…what the…ah…why? Why god, why?

  29. Looks like Raven-Symone crossed with that Harajuku shit Gwen Stefani used to talk about..

  30. Allison Wunderlan

    Shoplifting basketballs. It’s not just for the belly anymore.

  31. Sadly, I have a friend who loves urban websites (for comedic purposes) and this thing is quite popular in the black community. She is a stripper in Atlanta and has dated (banged) numerous rap superstars. So, yes, there is a market for this, which begs the question WHY GOD WHY?!

  32. BenDoverman

    And I thought my taint smelled bad

  33. Your yoga pants look like yogurt pants.

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