1. Poor Jamie… Having to pick out which of his chickens is getting plucked by the prince can’t be easy…

  2. So, two cocks and a bunch of chickens walk into a bar…

  3. “The one on the left, that’s an egg-laying chicken. The one on the right, that’s an eating chicken. But the one in the middle, that’s the one you bring home to Mother.”

  4. EricLr

    So these are “chickens,” eh? Yes, I believe I heard the servants speak of them once.

  5. I say! These chicken’s walk like that crippled fellow I just saw with the braces.

  6. B&WMnstrel

    Jamie: It’s actually the hen that’s in charge. She’s his mother.
    Charles: Hold my coat.

  7. Smapdi

    A college teaching a sport that involves boys and chickens, while two older men watch . . . is Jerry Sandusky an Emeritus Professor there?

  8. your mom

    Is cock fighting an official college sport now?

  9. Johnny

    Yes Your Highness – you can have them all..but I must tell you this is NOT what Camilla meant when she said..Just go choke your chicken!

  10. Johnny

    Yes Your Highness – you can have them all..but I must tell you this is NOT what Camilla meant when she said she wanted to choke the chicken!

  11. “Milord, those are chickens…not baby griffins, and the young boy you keep calling Harry Potter is starting to cry”

  12. joe

    Well shit. I taught my boys an entirely different definition of cock fighting.

  13. Schmidtler

    “Well, this is not at all what I expected when I was invited to the boys’ school to look at their cocks”.

  14. “Hmmpph. If you really want to impress me you’ll get the kid on crutches to round them up for dinner.”

  15. CK

    “I’ve seen many cocks in my days…”

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    “You’re right… This is better than Twilight.”

    • Rapsutin's Evil Twin

      This phrase can be applied to most of the stuff on this site. Except for pregnant Kardashians and Lo Ho. And….

      Well, it can be used for a lot of things here.

  17. pff

    So prince Charles, this are the chicks that I saw prince Harry banging last night.

  18. “I was introduced to these birds on a trip through the colonies. Over there they refer to them as “dem fuckin’ boids!”

  19. bigalkie

    My brother Edward is a huge fan of cock fighting.

  20. ManRay

    “Which one of you filed the sexual harassment law suit?”

  21. Lou Braccant

    go on then…pick one ya big eared cunt!!

  22. Sometimes the image is its own caption.

  23. Skeezix

    “Yes, my Lord, the boys do have a wager that one of these hens will become King of England before you do. But you beat Camilla.”

  24. ZZZ

    And then Shelley (from American Horror Story) emerged from the staircase and horrified them all…

  25. Sara

    Sorry, sir, I ordered ChickenHeads and this is what they sent me. Sigh.

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