1. What the hell is on this poor child’s noggin? Is that a Native American nightcap?

  2. meeps!

    She’s got her aunt’s legs…

  3. KungFuPanda

    Looks Like Kourtney is wearing Kim’s thong again.

  4. EricLr

    Does she have a sex tape yet?

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Poor thing is frightened. I knew they should’ve waited before telling her who her father and uncles are.

    Although, Uncle Yeezy has a nice ring to it.

  6. Brit

    Don’t worry mom, I’ve got our backs in case Suri shows up looking for souls.

  7. B&WMnstrel

    Kabbage Patch Kid

  8. Penelope Kardashian, shown here seeing her Aunt Kim bend over in a bikini.

  9. Another female Kardashian. She doesn’t stand a chance of being normal. She’ll be famewhoring in16 years.

  10. Moo Cow Hunter

    “Don’t worry baby, I won’t let anything happen to you… that grandma wouldn’t approve of.” – In retrospect that was the moment baby Penelope decided to put herself up for adoption.

  11. Schmidtler

    She should just toss that baby into the ocean, and hope the dolphins do a better job of raising it.

  12. Little Tongue

    Wow! That kid has double chined cankles! That has to be a record of some kind…!

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    “Mommy, please take your socks off my head.”

  14. “Hush little bay, don’t say a word, grandma’s gonna buy you.”

  15. Vlad

    Well, Penelope was the name of a movie about a girl who looked like a pig.

  16. WHAT A BUNCH OF DICKS!!! You’re making fun of a BABY, fer fuck sake. I got a better idea. Why don’t we all go out and beat up some children with Down’s Syndrome.

  17. Cody42

    I’ve never seen serial killer eyes on a baby before

  18. Henny

    Is it just me or does that child look exactly like Michael Cera?

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