1. Completely sloshed and still cool as hell…

  2. BP

    Johnny Carson is alive and well……..and looking British!

  3. BP

    In every picture there is George Wendt…….

  4. That’s the type of grin that suggests he just fucked her six ways from Sunday all over his ready-room

  5. He just put the “Captain’s Log” in his “Star date” in the toilets. Just look at that smile – totally proof. Plus she clearly misbuttoned that blouse on her way out.

  6. B&WMnstrel

    “I didn’t just beat up Larry King, heh heh… I took his clothes”

  7. That look on his face suggests. He just “made it so” in a nice piece of ass. Who’s ass? He’ll never tell.

  8. He’s reading every man’s mind in a one mile radius. So far, it’s all tits.

  9. “I’m so happy NOT to be at a Star Trek convention.”

  10. this is what you should find when looking up the expression ‘cat who just swallowed a canary’. He’s either enjoying the hell out of his beverages or just got blown. ok, both.

  11. horta

    Who is the chick? She’s hot…

  12. He’s about to show her the Picard maneuver.

  13. This guy is so fucking money and he knows it.

  14. Holy Sam Hill

    Sam Crenshaw enjoys a rare night out on the town.

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