1. Jade

    I thought it was November?

  2. A love of dress-up can bring kindred souls together…

  3. Dox

    “Reliving your Liberace days, I see…”

  4. “Smashing hair, mother. You look 20 years younger.”

  5. glinny

    two old queens!

  6. Cock Dr

    Two icons of British fashion meet at last.

  7. Flatliner

    The time space continuum must have just broke because that looks like the ten years from now Prince Charles giving his younger self a little fashion advice.

  8. Pilin

    “It seems that this year there will be turkey”……

  9. “What the hell is a purple waffle?!?”

  10. “You were simply smashing in ‘Are You Being Served?’! Why don’t you folks make more of them anymore?”

  11. Said at same time: “You’re still alive? Jinx…you owe me a Coke!”

  12. urbanspaceman

    When was Dame Edna funny? I must have missed it.

  13. Its nice to see Charles speaking to Camilla.

  14. From Wiki: Zahia Dehar (born 25 February 1992) is an Algerian lingerie designer and a former prostitute best known for her role in an underage prostitution scandal.

    Yup, completely believe it.

  15. “Shall we dance ?”

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