1. Looks like his wife finally slammed the laptop lid on his hand. Can’t imagine the condition of his dick.

  2. Cock Dr

    Only 20+ years and approximately 30k hours of volunteer community service until we forget about the penis thing.
    Just kidding…we’re NEVER gonna forget about the penis thing.

  3. Dox

    “Did he just try to show me a picture of his dick?”

  4. Awright, you can getcher can uh soop over dere, yer stuffin on dat shelf, and dont ferget to grab a cock shot picher before youse leaves, k?

  5. “Yes ma’am, right there. That’s the laptop with my penis on it.”

  6. “Hey you! Show this homeless woman my new “Cockbooth” app”.

  7. “Stand over here and wait for a text of my instructions.”

  8. Tiggles

    “Nevermind the food, ma’am, over there is a supply of free iPads that I brought in myself. Each one of them has textPlus, TextFree, TextNow, Textie, TigerText already installed.”

  9. Good to see they’re practicing safe sex. There’s a glove on the wiener.

  10. Just_As_it_IS

    “Go in there ma’am,the interviews are there. Arnold is waiting… and maybe you’ll get hired”

  11. “No lady, the weiners are over THERE.”

  12. cc

    ‘….and you can get pics of my cock over there, beside the cans of creamed corn.’

  13. Aus

    They are making another Ernest saves Christmas movie?

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