1. forget the makeup man, get a guy from an auto body shop.

  2. “This should reboot the positronic network. We should wait a minute and see if she talks, or just wets herself again.”

  3. MT

    I always wondered what 4 inches of makeup looked like…

  4. Makeup is a fucking miracle.

  5. fred

    “Can you back that camera up? Keep going. Keep going. A few more . . . Ah shit. We lost another camera guy. Who’s bright idea was it to do this on top of the Empire State Building?”

  6. “OK, just a tweak or two…and there. Ready to be shipped back to Stepford.

  7. JimBB

    Now you too can own the Nicollette Sheridan Lawn Jockey.

  8. “Bob, she’s got too MUCH forehead now…roll it back down a little”

  9. Looks better in this pic than on HD tv.

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