1. Dox

    “I coulda pulled a cart in central park… fuck my life.”- The horse.

  2. This is going to be a bunch of horse shit.

  3. fred

    “Leilani Dowding, Blake Dahlgren and Sarah Jessica Parker in Sun Valley, CA. (November 7, 2013).”

    Fixed it.

  4. Swearin

    The Dirty Dancing remake is going in a wierd direction…

  5. Dude’s got some serious strength.

  6. “… I’m on a horse.”

  7. anonymous

    When the photographer wanted two whores in the picture, someone at casting messed up.

  8. PassingTrue

    The horsedrawn weathervane never caught on.

  9. JimBB

    Filming the best porno opening scene EVER!

  10. Blake’s not letting ANYONE get raptured without him.

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