1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Situation’s Vacant

  2. Johnny P!

    Sign: “3 Simple Steps to Security”
    The Situation: “Uhhh, I’m gonna need some help over here!”

  3. it had to be said

    Invisible penis seems to come up around him a lot.

    See what I did there?

  4. Colin

    “Uh, this thing has too many words on it. Can I get the pop-up book version?”

  5. TomFrank

    I hope, for the sake of everyone else around him, he realizes that there are more words on that sign than “Show,” “Take Out,” and “Take Off.”

  6. Salvadore Duty

    I hope they don’t check my rectum full of coke

  7. cc

    Hey, three cheers everyone, he merely looks stupid here. Some secret deal with A&F or I miss my guess.

  8. Contusion

    Security: “First name, sir?”
    Answer: “The”

  9. He found his doppelganger… or did the doppelganger find him?!

  10. Venom

    Showcasing his blow job technique I see.

  11. “I’m sorry sir, but you’re only allowed 3 ounces of liquid in your hair”

  12. Perplexity

    The Situation see the sign stating to take out your liquids and it photographed jerking off into his man satchel.

  13. Once again The Situation is befuddled… let’s just call him SNAFU.

  14. The TSA agent is so fixated on beating The Situation that he clearly missed the illegal in front of him.

  15. I expected him to fade away pretty soon, but I didn’t think it would actually show.

  16. “I’m not wearing shoes or a jacket, so I guess I can’t play.”

  17. bethy

    Photo-induced penis/sucker/popsicle pose rigor mortis….

  18. jaded

    Security guard in the background “oh no, here comes that guy who thinks blowjobs are part of a security check…”

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