1. Ze German

    “Here’s to the 1%!”

  2. it had to be said

    That’s a damned big fork on the wall. Shouldn’t that be in Charlie’s back about now?

  3. “Cheers to morbid obesity chaps”

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I give loans to young people but am I called Prince Loangiver?
    I save the woodlands but do they call me Prince of the Forest?
    But you get one little Anal Piercing…

  5. cc

    Who says the English aren’t a handsome race.

  6. shandanger

    so…fat bastard became a royal microbrewer after his austin power’s villainy?

  7. Contusion

    The Most Uninteresting Man in the World.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    I would’ve bet my life savings ($3.17) that the fat guy was Chris Farley before I clicked on the pic.

  9. angerinside

    A fast bastard and an inbred drinking beer. I gues England has a South too.

  10. Venom

    I just raped a little boy. Cheers.

  11. “I don’t often drink beer…but when I do, it’s whatever this is”
    Quote, The Most Boring Man In The World.

  12. Perplexity

    This has what I like “down there” – just a little head.

  13. Foreground: How we see ourselves after a few beers. Background: How women see us.

  14. Queen Elizabeth

    “I’m richer than fuck, you peasants”

  15. Dr Ha-Ha

    Reporter: It was that much, Charlie?

    Charles: Why, yes it was. Diana always needed at least 1 of these in her before she’d open her legs for me.

  16. TobiasFunke

    Oh piss-boy…

  17. Just a few more of these and Camilla starts to look like a princess.

  18. “I haven’t had this much joy since the day Diana died.”

  19. Violet

    I’d say his fingers look like little sausages, but it would be too ambiguous.

  20. brit

    Prince Charles is the 1%. The other 99% is standing behind the bar.

  21. “Nothing makes me giddier than a couple of pints followed by a chance to bugger the bloody innkeeper…shhhh…he doesn’t know yet!”

  22. The inspiration for Peter on Family Guy is British?

  23. Dirty Sanchez

    I didn’t know Madame Tussaud’s had an English pub scene.

  24. Nandomaniac

    Thanks to his short term memory, Chuck will never know that I got him to piss in his own beer. Enjoy the memento, Jug Ears!

  25. gigi

    “stay thirsty you wankers”

  26. CanuckCutie

    “Economy in the Crapper?…Keep Calm and Drink Up”

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